Good News

My own first forays into publishing are by e-publishing, a venue friendly to the m/m stories I’ve written. There are some great imprints out there, selling ebooks that rival anything on paper for readability and enjoyment, though portability is a bit of a trick. If anyone knows how to read an ebook safely while lounging in a bubble bath, let me know.  My own publisher, Torquere Press, puts out print books as well as ebooks; it remains to be seen if I will see my words on paper.

So, the news that Barnes and Noble is going to be stocking a new line of m/m historical romances in the regular romance section gladdens me. Not just for the more mainline exposure, though that does my heart good for the other authors. Not just for the respect accorded a m/m pairing, though love is love wherever you find it and it should be cherished for being love. Not just for recognizing that readers of m/m stories are a legitimate and growing market, though we recognize quality in m/m stories as well as we recognize quality in any other genre.

No, I am delighted for this development because it tells me there is hope for society after all.

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