Leading Questions

Early protagonists

Early protagonists

Ever seen a picture that didn’t clearly tell a story and you started asking questions to go with it? This was one such for me, though I have to say, I didn’t have these two named in my head, nor do they really exemplify the men who came to be Kurt and Jake in my head.  Still, why are they standing in the lake like that? What lake? Why utility pants? What are they going to do in a minute when the camera turns away? in other words, where are they, why are they there, and what next?

This picture turned out to have a lot of seeds in it for me, enough to become an entire book.  My friend Winter has an unerring eye for finding the eyecandy; this was one she scored. Some are too pretty and too perfect, but these guys have an interesting edge to them. So while they aren’t Kurt and Jake, they do get the credit for a setting and a story.

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