The Big Day is Coming!

My editor has informed me that July 22 will be the big day! Fire on the Mountain will make its debut on Torquere Press! I’ve sent back the request for cover art with my desires and thought on the pictures, so we’ll see what the artists come up with. My friend Dragon King mocked up a cover with some really fabulous imagery: a black and white picture of the guys holding each other superimposed over a blazing fire at night. Wish I could share it with you here, but there are reasons… I had completely other ideas until I saw that, and then I was in LOVE. He started with this:
Photobucketand added some beautiful men and titles. There are no guarrantees that the final art will look this way but I sincerely hope so. It gave me such a jolt; it’s all real, and it’s happening. To see my name and title on something that looked like a real book made me an author in my own mind in a way that was equal to getting the acceptance email originally.

Don’t the best gifts come from the heart?

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