I got my edits back – nothing like finding out I’ve commited a stylistic oopsy. Seems that I am overfond of the construction “He did this as something else happened.” My mission: perform an as-ectomy.

Also, when the prefered spelling is “toward” and the text is littered with “towards” (this is a house style) the colored text makes me aware of just how often that word turns up.  Often. Really often.

The comments were positive overall, which takes the sting out of it.  No huge changes requested, no cut scenes or “I have no clue what this is meant to accomplish” remarks, which pleases me, since the editing process is one that I was dreading.  Thank goodness for the experience of working with beta readers, because coming in cold on being asked for change would be awful, even with changes as minor as what Vincent requested.  The writing books warn about how hard it can be to comply with edits and to just accept that someone else has input regarding one’s work; the warning is right but it pales next to the reality.  

But bless my betas, every one of you, who broke me to the concept of changing on someone else’s say-so.  Without you guys, I’d be wailing and gnashing my teeth, not to mention having a LOT more edits to make, because you’ve pointed out the most egregious things already.  If I could have even gotten this far without you.

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