Arrrr, Matey!

Just because I wanted the challenge (okay, and it wouldn’t hurt one bit to see my name in print again, er, at all) and that Torquere made a call for pirate stories, I sat down and wrote one. Fascinating exercise, because first off, there is the house limitation of no rape. That’s fine with me, that’s MORE than fine with me, because I don’t want to read a rape story or watch one on TV or in a movie, and sure as hell don’t want to write one.  However, pirates capturing ships come with the concept, and of COURSE I cannot come up with any other scenario.

So, what to do?  All I can say is that Captain John Bull, may his swash never buckle, manages his social life just fine. His reputation is only pirate standard awful, and his captives quite like him. In the event that it doesn’t make the cut for the collection and it doesn’t find a home elsewhere, it will grace these pages.

Of course, since then I have come up with other scenarios, such as drinking rum around the barbacoa and gambling with booty. Take that any way you like!

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