Semilaxative for Semicolons

After being knee-deep in edits for the last week, I am nearly ready to send the corrected file back to Vincent. Funny how two little sentences: “please pull some of those ‘as’ constructions” and “fewer semicolons, please” added up to hours of work. It’s all getting more real-requests for art work and writing marketing blurbs have taken it to entirely new levels of reality. Then Michelle asks, “who wants LJ host dates?” and I realize–I DO! Someone faster got the actual release date, but I have the Sunday before and the Saturday after, and a bit of time to figure out what I’m going to say. Something as delightfully twisted as Mara’s Ninja Pirate Ballet Company is probably not going to happen.  It’s a neat way to get my name and story out in the public eye, so I want to do something unusual.

Eyes calendar: July 22 is 2 months to the day away!

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