A Drabble for the Boys

Vincent threw out a drabble prompt, so I wrote 100 words for the boys.  Had to use the prompts “bluebird, spatula, and puppet.”  Puppet? Wha?  It’s set in the time before “Fire on the Mountain.”


Jake came out of the cabin wearing nothing but skivvies and a T-shirt to find Kurt flipping pancakes at the propane stove. He rubbed his eyes sleepily. Something shrieked from the nearby pines.

“What’s making that racket?”

Kurt brandished the spatula at the trees. “The bluebird of happiness.”

Jake peered at the branches. “Stellar’s jay?”

“Yeah. How’d you sleep through it?”

Jake shrugged. “Would a plastic owl help?”

It was Kurt’s turn to shrug. “A puppet wouldn’t fool it for long.”

Jake went back in, leaving Kurt to wonder how long his partner would be fooled by his casual act.

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