Cannons and Honor

I just got the word that Torquere wants Cannons and Honor for their ‘Walk the Plank’ collection, due out in July. This is cutting it rather fine!  Once I managed to understand what I was reading, I’m afraid I did some shrieking. “They bought another one!”  Unfortunately, my younger son interpreted this as “Call 911!”  Understandable, since I am not usually a shrieker. So, poor boy is asking, “Do I ask for police or fire department?”  Not sure he was at all enlightened when I picked him up and danced with him. He’s 5’4″ and weighs about 100 lb, so it was some dance.

So, the initial elation has settled enough that I am just grinning instead of alarming everyone around me.

This story was a question mark; I wasn’t sure it would sell to this particular market, since the tone is very ‘Horatio Hornblower’ although the theme is very m/m romance. It’s Age of Sail, and the necessary jargon coupled with the more formal speech and public behavior made me wonder. It remains to be seen how much will survive edits.   There is a period flavored section of exposition at the beginning, which may be the first thing to go; I did rewrite it in a more ‘showing’ fashion but the POV becomes rather iffy-omniscient, even. I should quit borrowing trouble now; if they want changes, they’ll say so.

Mara also sold a story to this collection, and Eden Winters is still waiting to hear back. Eden’s tale is delightful, though it went in late enough that it may not have made the consideration pile. It would be incredible if we all three made this one collection. Knock on wood!

2 responses to “Cannons and Honor

  1. Wow! That’s awesome, PD! I’m really pleased for you. When you wrote it, did you target it for this market, or was it something you re-tooled when you found out about it?

    • I sat down and wrote this story specifically for this market; pirates weren’t on my radar until I saw an editorial plea for such stories. Total elapsed time between plea and clicking ‘Send’ was one week, which is really odd for me; I usually let things marinate longer than that.

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