Drabble Prompt Attacks

Vincent offered up an odd list as drabble prompts this time: June, nuclear, garage. Since the boys have to go into town to even get near a garage, they had to visit with the Chief. This is a little out of order on Jake and Kurt’s personal chronology, since they aren’t published yet (though July 22 is coming fast!) but stick with them.


Jake hunted through the toolbox, looking for Allen wrenches. The Chief had sent him to the garage while he and Kurt took the gauge apart in the living room. Where were the damned things?

“Are you going to take til the end of June, or what?” Kurt came in search of him, wrapped strong arms around his chest from behind.

“The Chief will go nuclear if he finds us making out!” Jake rubbed his ass against Kurt anyway. “Help me find the stupid Allen wrenches.”

“When we get back to the cabin,” Kurt purred, “I’ll show you what fits where.”

One response to “Drabble Prompt Attacks

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to buy the books!

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