A Ficlet – Birdwatching

The prompts: windchimes, falcon, saddle (Vincent, you have an interesting imagination)
The men: Jake and Kurt from “Fire on the Mountain”
The length: 200 words


“Just a leisurely ride today?” Kurt gave Jake a leg up onto the chestnut mare, a good teaching horse. The tack jangled like windchimes before Jake found his stirrups. For a man who had ridden at a summer camp and then not again until about four months ago, he was doing well. He had a good seat. Jake had a very nice seat indeed.

Kurt swung onto his sorrel gelding– they headed into the Flattops, away from the Rendezvous Lake Lodge. Max had packed lunch, helped them saddle, and told them to get lost. Kurt knew exactly where they were going; they’d be lost only to the rest of the world.

At the tiny meadow, they hobbled the horses, turned them loose to graze, and fell into each other’s arms. Clothing flew, no words needed, and a long, happy, sweaty time later, they lay on their backs in the grass, gazing into the sky.

“Feruginous hawk?” Jake pointed at a speck soaring in the clear blue above.

Kurt followed his finger. “Peregrine falcon. They live year round here.”

“I thought they migrated through?”

“The Arctic peregrines do.” Kurt rolled to hold his lover’s eyes. “They mate for life, you know.”

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