August Prompt Story with Jake and Kurt

The August prompt challenge from Vincent was scrapbook, zinnia, and tire (in the sense of “round thing on a vehicle”). The length requested was 150-200 words, so, here we are: a little pre-“Fire” action.

Kurt should have let Jake drive the tanker into town. The sides were laced with scratches from previous adventures in “Reverse,” and now there were new ones. The gouges in the paint made a scrapbook of the places they’d gone.

A small car in front and a pickup behind boxed the tanker in, turning their leaving into a parallel-parking situation.

“No problem,” Kurt had said, backing and filling to escape.

“Problem,” Jake disagreed with his eyes squinched shut.

The Chief’s mail box listed at an angle that would require the postman to bend nearly double for deliveries. The big puffy blooms of the zinnias at its base were mashed into the soil– pink petals brightened the treads of the dual rear tires.

“That’s two pine trees, one Weber kettle and a mailbox. We take the car next week, I drive, and we arrange for fuel with Max.” Jake squatted on his heels to assess the damage. Green twill stretched tight over his ass, distracting Kurt from the carnage.

Damn it, if he could just get Jake’s attention, Kurt would show him that he really could get in and out of a small tight place.

2 responses to “August Prompt Story with Jake and Kurt

  1. I love the challenge of prompted fiction, particularly when the prompt words are tricky. I love the way you worked the prompts into this. The imagery of scratched paintwork as a scrapbook was really effective. I’m kind of a latecomer to these characters, but this piece has me keen to read more.

    • Thank you for letting me know what worked for you– this sort of feedback is valuable. Kurt and Jake feature in a few more small pieces here on the blog, and are the protags in “Fire”, as well as the upcoming “Snow on the Mountain” which is due in November. Happy reading!

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