It’s a back-handed compliment, I suppose, to have written something good enough that people want to steal it. I just don’t feel particularly complimented. “Fire on the Mountain” turned up on a couple of blog-type sites as something the writer enjoyed (yay) and on a known pirate site.

There’s no talking to the admins at this particular site: an anti-piracy group I belong to has made it clear that trying is an exercise in futility, and one must go to the hosting site to get the downloadable file taken down. This I did, and the response was admirable–the file was down in a matter of hours. No telling how many times my book had been stolen before I found it.

Yes, stolen. Downloading this way is theft. The social contract is that I have something you want, a story, and you have something to exchange for it, money. Doing it any other way is theft. I’ve heard the arguments elsewhere, so spare me the entitled whine. Or get ready to clean my cat box and trim my hedges: I’ll take it out in trade.

7 responses to “Piracy

  1. I kinda like the idea of taking it out in trade. 🙂 Everyone who stole a copy of “Learning to Love Yourself” can come over and make me a sandwich, or load the dishwasher, or put in a load of laundry. Hey, it’s a short story, so I’m not asking much. That’s fair, right? 😀


  2. True, true…. [ponder/nod] Hey, I can work on the laptop down on the dining table, keep an eye on them from there. That works. 😀


  3. It’s really disturbing that people will go to such great lengths to steal e-books. I love to read, but I’ve never in my life stolen a book. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • I developed a bad case of lust for a Morte d’Arthur with Tenniel illustrations, and I still managed to leave it in the university library, though I came to pet it often. But for something you can have for less than the price of lunch? Please.

  4. Exactly! I found my taste test ‘Retrospect’ on a sharing site. It only costs $2.59. Sheez. Why would anybody want to steal something that cheap? If I were going to steal something, I’d make it worth my time. LOL!

    • Sarah — they were stealing one of my Sips, $1.29. [eyeroll] I mean, seriously, you can find that much change down anyone’s sofa cushions.


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