5 Stars/Excellent Review for “Snow”!

The well-read and thoughtful reviewer Jenre posted her comments about “Snow on the Mountain” in her blog, and also at Jessewave. As always, she notes what works for her (quite a lot! Author’s heart goes pitty-pat!) and what doesn’t. (Author takes careful notes on what to do better next time.)

It’s not often that I give five stars to a book (as I have in this review over at Wave’s site), but in the case of Snow on the Mountain it is well deserved. I picked the book up and could hardly bear to put it down again. I finished the book immensely satisfied with the conclusion, but also sad that I’d finished with these two wonderful heroes. If you are looking for a book about two men who are perhaps both a bit naive and yet love each other very much; a book where the romance is balanced with exciting action sequences, with humourous situations and with tense and thrilling scenes; then this book is for you. Highly recommended with a grade of ‘Excellent’.

Read the review in its entirety on Jenre’s site or at Jessewave’s site.


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