Mistletoe on the Mountain – Great Review!

This review is so fresh the electrons are still hot – Jenre of Well Read just reviewed Mistletoe, which was unexpected, and she gave it a grade of “Excellent” which is making me quite giddy! Thank you, Jenre!

It’s taken from Jake’s point of view and I really sympathised with his feelings about coming out – which stemmed really from his natural timidness than a worry about being rejected. Overall, a terrific short and a must for those who have read the two previous Kurt and Jake books. Grade: Excellent.

See the entire review here.

Available at Torquere!

2 responses to “Mistletoe on the Mountain – Great Review!

  1. This sounds like a great book as well as the other two mountain books. I am new here and just found you. I added you to my list but hope to learn more and be back to see what you are doing. have a great day. susan L.

    • Thanks for coming to play! Check back now and then for news on further releases, new free reads, and whatever else goes through my head. Hope you enjoy the stories!

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