The Tunes from O’Carolan’s Seduction

My upcoming story, O’Carolan’s Seduction, features a uilleann piper, Steven, and Hugh, an Irishman who’s been running away from his traditions and roots. Hugh gets stuck at a session and has to hear the tunes. Is it the music or is it Steven’s gentle persuasion that makes him want to hear more? Decide for yourself when O’Carolan’s Seduction comes out at Torquere Press on January 16, but you can hear the tunes.

Music Playlist at

Okay, this isn’t perfect as a system, but I shall continue to work on it. At least you can hear. This software and server doesn’t permit adding Flash players, which may be the limit with everything I’ll try, but hey! It’s the best I’ve found so far. Enjoy.

2 responses to “The Tunes from O’Carolan’s Seduction

  1. Wow! Those are fabulous. It’s been a while since I attended a session. Maybe I can find one locally. These tunes have wet my whistle for a pint and a sexy guy in a utilikilt.

  2. These are all tunes you could reasonably hear at a session, so bring on the pints and the dude in the kilt and lets go!

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