Preditors and Editors Poll Results In!

The annual Readers’ Poll at Preditors and Editors has closed, with some truly startling results for yours truly. My novel, Fire on the Mountain was submitted in the Erotic Novel category, and I was entered in the author category. Now, I wasn’t too confident about placing, because I am a relative unknown, Fire being my first published novel. But apparently a loyal group of readers (and I know who some of you are!) got out and voted, with some truly amazing results. As an author – I placed #22, on a list that includes some really fine names, and !!!!!  Fire tied for #12 on the Erotic Novel list!

Also, congratulations to Elisa Rolle, a kind and insightful reviewer of m/m fiction, who made it to #5 on the Review Sites poll!

See the complete results for novels here and for authors here.

A big thank you to all who voted! I hope all my future writing justifies your faith in me.

3 responses to “Preditors and Editors Poll Results In!

  1. How fabulous! For you and Elisa both!

  2. Congrats dear!

  3. Thanks to you both! It’s an amazing feeling.

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