Bode! Bode! Bode!

I cannot tell a lie, Bode Miller is my all time favorite skier. If I could have reasonably written him into “Snow”, I would have, but that’s a no-no, so he morphed into a fictional skier that still has mega attitude and super skill. So, when i saw the race results today, I wanted to sing, dance, spin around and exult to the high heavens.

Bronze in the downhill! Our man Bode kicked some mountain butt, did a helluva job, and I’m going to watch that clip until the electrons give up in disgust.

Not to take anything away from Didier Defago or Lund Svindal (gold and silver) but Whoot! Whoot! Yay, Bode! Less than one tenth of a second separated gold from bronze — just over ten seconds separated gold from last. If they were all on the course at the same time (never happen, not safe) Bode would have been 21 inches behind Svindal. That’s all.

These guys are amazing, but Bode most of all. He shot himself in the foot in Turin, but this time around, he’s focused, mature, and moving fast. Really fast. He has four more events in this Olympics, and could podium in any of them. Three medals in four Olympics already puts him in the stratosphere of American winter athletes, and we could see some history made.

Oh, man. This kind of excitement is why I write skiers. Kurt, Mark, Chelsea, Julie, and Marty, Dave, Devon, Kim, and Jake are all watching, applauding, maybe dreaming. Jorey’s thinking, bring him on.

Go, Bode!

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