Lovely Reviews for On Call: Afternoon

I am delighted to report that my new Sip, On Call; Afternoon, has gained some very positive notice! Both Jenre of Well Read and Elisa Rolle found some merit to the story and very kindly said so.

Jenre gave Keith and Dante an Excellent!

Keith strikes me as a very thoughtful and careful man who has been burned by lovers in the past.  This makes him cautious, but he’s honest with himself about his physical attraction to Dante.  As this is written in the 1st person, we only get Keith’s thoughts, but he is a likeable and sympathetic narrator.  The plotting is gentle with the focus very much on the relationship.  I liked this and very much enjoyed this strong character based story.

She has some other lovely things to say as well, which you will find here.

Elisa Rolle also enjoyed the story, even with a scene-stealing cat.

This is only a short story but it’s very nice and romantic, and how could be anything else, when we are speaking of hot doctors and their furry friends, little matchmaker kitties?

See the rest of Elisa’s comments here at her site.

Now excuse me while I do the happy dance!

One response to “Lovely Reviews for On Call: Afternoon

  1. It’s a great little story and deserves the rave reviews!

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