Review—-> Creativity

The good news in my inbox this morning got me so revved up that I spent the day finishing the first draft of a new Mountain story. Hugs and tequila with a chaser for DK, who handed me the prompt, neither of us dreaming that it would take close to 7000 words to cope with it. So just out of sheer gratitude, I’m going to ask him to beta.

And the good news that set me to writing so busily? Elisa Rolle reviewed my second On Call story, Dancing. She liked Afternoon, and now Dancing, which just makes me giddy.

She said:

The On Calls short stories are both really nice, and I would suggest to read them together, or at least at short distance.

Read the rest on her lj here, and she offers a link there to the first story. I’m rather pleased with the set; perhaps you will be, too.

For those of you who are concerned that this will turn into a Sip series that should have been a novel, let me say that I have approximately 250,000 words blocked out for the various WIPS and more Keith and Dante stories aren’t in there. Never say never, but I don’t see it anytime soon.

Of course, I didn’t see Cowboy on the Mountain coming, either.

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