Josh Lanyon on readers’ contacts

Josh Lanyon is one of my heroes — his Adrian English books convinced me that I should put my efforts into writing m/m. He’s incredibly kind to his readers, too, and the day that he friended me back on a blogging site was a red letter day. Once in a great while, I get really brave and comment on an entry, and I never look for his comments on mine, knowing how he feels about the time-sink of the internet, a lure I am not that great at resisting. Yet, it could happen.

He had a great blog post about getting notes from readers, which is posted here and also here.

It has also happened that a reader has written me, once in a great while, generally people whom I know from other areas of my life, but who have taken the time to respond to something I’ve written that’s mentioned here. Let me tell you, I treasure those notes: they go into a permanent file labeled SQUEE. Because those sorts of responses make my day and several days after that, too.

This isn’t a baldfaced request for feedback, just an honest reaction to the feedback when it happens. It tells me that someone is reading, in between quarterly statements. **dreamy smile**

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