A Kurt and Jake Short

I just opened an email with one of the best messages a writer can receive: “We’d like to take your story…”

That’s what all the shrieking is about! This is not the first time I’ve opened such an email, but the thrill doesn’t wear off. Torquere has been very good to me, and I’d like to hope that I’m equally good to them and that I’m offering better stories after each experience in the editing process.

The current story, 8 Seconds on the Mountain, was the direct result of a prompt given at the Torquere Live Journal, meant to inspire a ficlet. DK offered “a rodeo and a beautiful black bucking horse named Midnight Kid.” What could have been 1000 words of quicky work turned into a 6500 word look into Kurt’s past, a peek into his and Jake’s future, and a complete heart attack for Jake. Many thanks to DK!

This news is so fresh that the electrons are still hot; I’ll share details like expected pub dates as they become available.

2 responses to “A Kurt and Jake Short

  1. *Gulp* Did you say ‘rodeo?’ As in ‘cowboy butts in Wrangler jean?’ Oh, drool!

  2. hehe ** ther are Wranglers on cowboy butts, and Jake rather likes the chaps look.

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