Free Read – “Waiting”

This was the prompt pic that GS Wiley posted as a challenge to her readers sometime last summer. The pic sparked a story, which I mentioned has been packaged prettily into a PDF file, thanks to the efforts of Jared Rackler, cover artist. (Can’t say enough good things about him – he does great work AND stays calm when the author has a meltdown.)

SO! The story is ready, as are a lot of other free reads from all sorts of great authors, from Eden Winters to Mel Keegan and Rowena Sudbury, and all you have to do to get them is to click the GLBT Bookshelf banner on the right side of your screen (That tall one, over there —–> ) and locate the Free Reads page.

Yes, I could give you a direct link, but in exchange for the massive amounts of effort Mel and many others have put into the GLBT Bookshelf (an amazing resource and do look around while you’re there) we’ll give a couple of clicks and a boost to the Bookshelf’s Google ranking. And then you will have hours of happy reading!

The story is “Waiting” which means you will find it at the very end of the list. Sigh. Next story gets named “Aardvarks in Love.”

And because you may be pushed for time, you could just look here.

4 responses to “Free Read – “Waiting”

  1. I wanna read a story named “Aardvarks in Love”! As long as it isn’t really about aardvarks, that is. 🙂

    • The last time this sort of gauntlet got thrown, (even if I was the one to hold it out for throwing) it turned into about 6600 words that will be coming out at the end of May. Now I’m going to obsess about a story for that title.

  2. 😀

    Well, for m/m titles that refer to quirky animals without having said quirky animals in the story, there’s “The Platypus Learns Astrophysics” by Matthew Vandrew from the Dreamspinner Press anthology, A Brush of Wings

    • I am just CRUSHED that there was no erudite platypus in that story! Snerk! It’s a great title. (still thinking up a story)

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