A New Mountain Story Due Saturday

Time to get excited — had the last emails with my editor and any minute now I’m going to get a shiny PDF file with lots of hot electrons. 8 Seconds on the Mountain will be available Saturday, so excuse me for a happy dance.

Kurt and Jake are back in a short story, which can stand alone, but hey, you want to know what else has happened. This whole story started with a ficlet prompt that grew completely out of hand. This has to be the fourth time I’ve thanked Jared for help with stories; he’s contributed in so many ways.

8 Seconds on the Mountain

A day off spent at the rodeo turns ugly when Kurt invades the area behind the chutes reserved for the bronc riders and the bucking stock, dragging Jake along for the ride. With hostile cowboys, dangerous horses, and a bet about a champion bucking bronco, is there any way they can get out of this in one piece?

Or will Kurt’s mouth get them both beaten to a pulp?

Link to the publisher coming soon!

6 responses to “A New Mountain Story Due Saturday

  1. Whoa. You completely redecorated! I like it.

    Happy almost release day!

    • Thanks! I have a whole slew of nifty new header pics to rotate through, too, but have to re-crop them. I decided that the other layout was squashing too much text into too little space, so hopefully this will be easier on the eye. Scritches for Chaos and Mayhem!

      • This is MUCH more readable!

        LOL – will pass the scritches on! (After I get past my zOMg! PD Singer knows the names of my kitties! moment, that is.)

  2. Love the new layout! I can read it without having to search the house (and friends’ houses) for my glasses! And congrats on new Kurt and Jake story!

    • I loved the uniqueness of the 4 column, but there was just too much stuff.And thanks! I do love those boys.

      • Fire on the Mountain was among my earlier m/m romance reads and I picked it up because of the summer I spent working for the Forest Service in the Black Hills, marking timber and fighting forest fires. 🙂 I’ll always be fond of Kurt and Jake because of all that.

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