Dark Divas review Snow!

Snow on the Mountain has been out for several months now, and the first bloom of reviews has passed, so it was a particularly delightful find today that Dark Divas looked at Snow. Reviewer Jaime had some nice things to say, and a couple of things that you will bet I’ll take a close look at for other works.

Dark Diva Reviews “All in all, I quite enjoyed this book. Both characters had things to learn, ways to grow, and I like that the author didn’t pull any punches in splitting them up. People do split up over misunderstandings and things that don’t seem all that serious on the outside. So if there were a few tiny details that made me look up from the book for a moment, the important thing, in my mind, is that the big picture looked like the real thing. Real people, who aren’t perfect and don’t always say the right things, getting into real trouble and having real misunderstandings.”

See the rest here – and thank you, Jaime, for the kind words.  4 Diva rating!

5 responses to “Dark Divas review Snow!

  1. What a great review! Congrats, hon! 😀


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