“Fall Down” coming!

The clock is ticking on my third Mountain novel — Fall Down the Mountain will be coming out on Wednesday, June 23, from Torquere!  Mark will be getting his day in the sun at last. He’d been left rather in the lurch in both “Snow” and “Mistletoe” and it’s time to let him have a chance.

This skiing novel should both cool you down and heat you up.  Allan, a new character in the Mountain environment, has reason to notice Mark, a tall, lean ski patrol who’s big on responsibility but sometimes short on a sense of proportion.  Jake and Kurt, whom you’ll remember from “Fire” and “Snow,” appear again; they’re Mark’s friends. Jorey Taylor turns up again, too — maybe he needs his own story.

More info and links as they come active!

3 responses to ““Fall Down” coming!

  1. Excellent. 😀 Definitely looking forward to that one!


  2. Counting the days! I fell for Mark in Snow on the Mountain. He definitely needs his own happy ending.

  3. *anticipation builds*

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