Mountain Series — What’s the Order?

Some kind persons here at Goodreads have numbered the Mountain stories in a sequence that I wouldn’t disagree with, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Maybe we should take those numbers more as a sign of my productivity than for directing your reading.

Fall Down,pd singer Each story was meant to stand alone, although they surely would be richer read in order. One through four (Fire, Snow, Mistletoe, and 8 Seconds) are all primarily Kurt and Jake’s stories, with 8 Seconds occurring approximately a year after Fire. Then we have Fall Down the Mountain, which is Mark’s story. I like Mark — he has a slightly skewed sense of responsibility — he and Allan have more page time to come.

Fall Down is set just after Snow, but with a new narrator, the stories almost have to diverge. Mark’s concerns are different than Jake’s; he’s had more time to become schooled in hard knocks and a lot less experience with honorable lovers. If you’re just coming to the Mountains, Fall Down is a perfectly good place to start.

Come to the Mountains!

2 responses to “Mountain Series — What’s the Order?

  1. Good to know! Also, so going into the contest post. 🙂

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