Free Read — Dinnertime

Fall Down the Mountain

No longer willing to be a vacation plaything, ski patrol Mark McAvoy longs for stability and love. But caught up in a grand jury investigation and suspended from his job, can Mark offer injured chef Allan Tengerdie more than help in the kitchen?

This little tidbit is a bit of follow-up to the novel, and was first seen on the Torquere social list, but it was too much fun to let slip into the ether.


“Mmm, seduction food.” Mark inhaled deeply over Allan’s shoulder, his face bathed in the steam from the pot. Chunks of chicken and vegetables released a savory fragrance as Allan stirred sour cream into the pungent orange sauce. “You must want the extra-special lovin’ tonight.” He slipped his arms around the chef’s middle and nuzzled his neck.

“Always.” Allan turned and kissed Mark’s forehead. “Toss the salad while I drain the noodles, okay?”

Mark feigned shock. “Now? In the kitchen? Before we eat?”

“With the tongs, you meshuggener.” Allan thumped the top of Mark’s head gently with the serving implement.

Mark laughed deep in his throat and didn’t let go. “Sounds kinky.”

“The green stuff.” Allan twisted in Mark’s embrace and put his arms over his lover’s shoulders. “In the bowl. Part of dinner.” He pulled Mark down enough to meet those wide, sensuous lips with his own.

“Damn, when you offered EF or FF, and I said ‘Both,’ I thought this was what you meant.” Warm hazel eyes danced with the joke.

“You can’t do both.” Allan slipped his tongue into Mark’s mouth, stroking softly, but Mark pulled back.

Reaching into the pot, Mark dipped his finger into the sauce, then drew a paprika-flavored line over Allan’s mouth. Slowly he cleaned it off, with nibbles and licks, making Allan pull closer against his lover’s body — tall, fit, and still too thin, though that was improving with every good meal. Again Mark dipped into the sauce and painted Allan’s lips.

“Are you absolutely sure?”

6 responses to “Free Read — Dinnertime

  1. Very compelling. I’d like to see more! 🙂

    • Thanks – the boys have a whole novel and there may be a short story along presently, too, editors willing.

  2. “Always.” Allan turned and kissed Mark’s forehead. “Toss the salad while I drain the noodles, okay?”

    Mark feigned shock. “Now? In the kitchen? Before we eat?”

    ROFL! 😀

    That’s one not many people know. [grin] When I was a GM in an online RPG, one of the things we did was watch for inappropriate names as they came out of the character manager, so we could bounce them right back in with a lecture about proper naming, at different intensities depending on the degree of offense. Someone came into the game with a character named “Salad Tosser” and I bounced his butt with an official vulgarity warning, which was as intense as the name-bouncing got and went on his permanent in-game record that GMs could access. I actually had to explain to every other GM online at the time just what was vulgar about that name. [facepalm]

    I guess even back then I was destined to be a smutt peddlar. 😀


  3. Um, I’m glad Angie clarified that one. 🙂

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