New M/M Authors Who Rock!

A big thanks to Jessewave, Eden Winters, and all the readers who have had kind words for my stories. After the party Wednesday on the LJ (and I shall post the ficlet that resulted here soon), there was one more anniversary surprise.

I woke this morning to the lovely news that I have been featured at a href=”″>Reviews by Jessewave as one of the bright new voices in m/m. There are some amazing names on that list, and to be included is quite giddy-making. Since it seems like most of my non-work moments are spent writing, I don’t feel ‘new’ exactly, especially since I started writing ‘Fire’ almost a year to the day before it came out. That was another learning year, full of backing up and starting over, but all the lessons carried over into Snow, Fall Down, Rare Event (WIP) and the shorts.

But yes, it has been an amazing year, with three novels and half a dozen short stories, not to mention all the other projects in their various stages, and then to have Wave include me in this excellent group of writers. Swooning is a bit Victorian, but I write the occasional historical, so maybe I’m allowed?

**8/26/11 Jessewave got hacked, so I am disabling the link until they are healed.

5 responses to “New M/M Authors Who Rock!

  1. Woot! Congrats. 🙂

  2. Congrats, PD! You deserve it!

  3. You sure do deserve the good word!

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