The Tour de France is Over…

Three weeks of bicycle racing swallow the Marital Unit every year. G-d help the person who erases a segment off the Tevo. I am treated to endless discussions of hors categorie climbs, time trials, GC candidates and everything Lance. He wishes he’d been motivated earlier in his life; he’d have been a contender.

Nothing for it but to write a story that involved bicycle racers. Funny, I only work on it during July. This is year 3.

2 responses to “The Tour de France is Over…

  1. LOL! I’ve had stories like that, where I pull something out and work on it during a certain month or season, then wander away and pull it out again next year. In fact, I’m working on one of those right now, and am determined to finish it this year. Grrr! 🙂

    Luck with yours! I think a major bicycle race could be a good setting, and you seem to have a resident expert who can answer all your questions without resorting to Google — bonus!

    Oh, and I had a book years ago that talked (in part) about chemical energy conversion and metabolism and such, and it had a photo of a (very) long table on which was spread out (actually kinda crowded together) the amount of food that a competitor in the Tour de France eats every day during the race. Holy sheep! I remember a midnight snack was like half a gallon of ice cream and a whole package of cookies. Those dudes burn major calories while pedalling around the Alps, or wherever they are.


  2. I would LOVE to read an m/m story about cyclists!!! *beseeching expression*

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