Free Read – Nothing But a Towel

This yummy man, a Mark-equivalent, was our prompt picture for the LJ party fic. I offered the pic, the readers offered the following prompt words, and this story was born.

Eden:  Slathered, licked, nom

Mara:  Hebe, rag-doll, model

Gabrielsknife:  sunlight,  wicker,  glass, chair

Angie: Nibble, Bits, Juicy


“Good?” Allan asked, enjoying the sight of long, lean Mark, no longer so very lean now that Allan had had five months to feed his lover up.

“Mmm, yes.” Mark had taken seconds of the fruit salad, stocking up on some carbs as usual before one of his long bike rides. “Ambrosial. Send Hebe by with some more nectar, please.” He held out his coffee cup and reached for his napkin. A dribble from the juicy cantaloupe escaped the corner of his mouth — Allan leaned down and licked it up.

Mark’s shift of position let the towel around his waist slip. He’d would soon be dressed in black spandex shorts and a colorful jersey, ready to do thirty miles of mountain roads, but right now he looked more like a model for Fieldcrest or Martex than Lance Armstrong, lounging there in the morning sunlight. Their third-floor apartment in the Wapiti Creek employee housing had an eastern exposure, making the small lanai the most inviting place for breakfast. Its double glass door had an interesting way of focusing the sun’s heat into the living room.

Mark leaned back in the wicker chair, and didn’t protest when Allan took his cup. Instead of offering more coffee, he leaned down again to nibble coffee-flavored lips. “Nom, nom,” he mumbled into Mark’s mouth. “You’re delicious.”

For that, he got pulled down into Mark’s lap. “So are you.” Long arms snaked around a middle that was noticeably leaner than the first time Mark had embraced him. Mark had this way of chasing him up hill and down dale on skis, bikes, and hiking trails, depending on the amount of snow still on the ground. The kisses were having an effect that Allan planned to take advantage of — bits of Mark had expanded against Allan’s hip in a way that couldn’t be explained by lavish meals. Tongue against tongue ensured that Allan was growing, too.

“Rather nice that they built the balcony with wide lumber,” Allan suggested between soft caresses.

“Buh?” wasn’t exactly what Mark replied, but if a picture was worth a thousand words, an action had to be worth double that. Allan slid off Mark’s lap, taking the towel with him.

“I don’t think anyone can see me, I mean.” And what Allan did next wasn’t meant to be seen, although Mark was hard put not to give anyone a great deal to hear. Lips wrapping around Mark’s hard shaft, Allan bobbed his head, sucking and licking in ways that he knew Mark loved, slathering him from balls to tip with moist pressure.

Swallowing the guttural moan that heralded his climax, Mark spurted into Allan’s mouth, and then collapsed backwards into the chair with all the muscle tone of a rag doll. “What you do to me,” he mumbled, his happy eyes nearly closed but still meeting Allan’s.

“Good warm-up for your ride?” Allan inquired from between Mark’s knees.

“Now I’m going to have spaghetti-legs for those hors categorie climbs.”

“I’d say ‘sorry’ but I’m not.” Allan struggled with the category one climbs, no matter how many gears his bicycle had. Mark stood on his pedals for the very steepest hills, but not for anything in categories one through three, and if Mark was reminded that lesser athletes couldn’t manage as well, that might mean an easier route when they went out together tomorrow. Allan leaned heavily on those legs to get back to his feet, bringing his groin near Mark’s face.

“Me, neither, really, but…” Mark looked up, a wicked smile on those sexy, wide lips. “Inside. Paybacks time!”

One response to “Free Read – Nothing But a Towel

  1. Thanks! That was a quick’n’steamy little bit!

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