Whoot-worthy Reviews

Truly a red-letter day for me — two of my short stories received stellar reviews, one at Jessewave’s, and the other at Obsidian Bookshelf. *dances*

Jenre, who enjoyed Mark and Allan in a href=”http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/?p=25735″ target=”_blank”>Fall Down the Mountain, was pleased to see the boys return for another tale, and particularly liked that Allan had the point of view. Here’s a bit of what she had to say about Cross the Mountain:

The story has a nice balanced feel to it, with the first part focusing on the outdoor skiing and the second half showing the pair at home together afterwards. There’s a great, hot sex scene, but also an opportunity for tenderness between the pair that elevated the story from just being a sexy encounter.

This discerning reviewer gave the boys 4.25/5.  See the a href=”http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/?p=30089#more-30089″ target=”_blank”>entire review here.

8/26/11 Jessewave got hacked so links will be disabled until they are healed.

And more whootage — Val Kovalin at Obisidan Bookshelf greatly enjoyed 8 Seconds on the Mountain, giving it not just ‘Recommended Highly’ but selecting it for ‘Top Pick’ in the Wildfire newsletter for All Romance Ebooks. I am stunned.

This is a small part of what Val had to say about Kurt and Jake:

This story packs an unusual amount of action and suspense into what feels like a perfect short length. It is actually the fourth book in a series loosely connected by the same characters and settings, but you can read it as I did with no knowledge of the other books and still receive maximum entertainment. What elements didn’t work for me? No problems — it all worked for me.

See the entire review here.

Get your own copies to enjoy by clicking here.

3 responses to “Whoot-worthy Reviews

  1. Woot indeed! I read Cross the Mountain last night and much enjoyed it. 🙂

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