Charity Sip Blitz — On Call: Crossroads

Torquere Press has a wonderful annual tradition of releasing a multitude of stories themed to a cause — this year, it’s Healing Hearts, and our beneficiary is Doctors Without Borders. The authors donate their royalties and the publisher matches, so that every Healing Hearts story will provide support to this wonderful organization that provides medical care in over sixty developing nations. Read some hot m/m, do some good in the world — can it get any better than that?

So many of your favorite Torquere authors have contributed stories – I am watching that page as all twenty-eight of the Healing Hearts stories go up. By this afternoon, there will be a wide array of offerings from such favorites as Eden Winters, Mara Ismine, Lee Benoit, and Kara Larson, and from new to us all authors like Gabriel West and JM Cartwright. I’m really watching for that button that says “Buy All”  — that should save some wear and tear on my clicking finger, and then to settle in for twenty-seven excellent reads.

The twenty-eighth story is mine; you might say I’ve already seen it. 😉    On Call: Crossroads brings my doctor/vet couple, Keith and Dante, back, at a cusp of their lives.

Dr. Keith Hoyer has lost patients before but never like this, not at sixteen and not by intent.  Certain that he could have prevented the tragedy with some word or deed that he left unsaid or undone, Keith is desperate for a way to redeem his failure.

If he’s going to practice medicine in a Third World country, Keith’s lover, veterinarian Dante James says, he needs time to sell the practice and brush up on diseases of goats. “Whither thou goest, I go,” Dante tells Keith, but where will those words take them?

This link will take you to twenty-eight stories that will touch you in twenty-eight different ways.

2 responses to “Charity Sip Blitz — On Call: Crossroads

  1. That’s a very cool thing for TQ to do!

  2. This story brought tears of sorrow as well as gave me several “Awww” moments for the love these two guys share. Great, great read.

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