Eden Winters – Reviews and Interviews

Some well deserved respect has been offered to Eden Winters — you know her as the author of such engaging stories as The Angel of Thirteenth Street and The Telling.  Two of her novels have just been reviewed on Michele and Jeff Erno’s site, Author Interviews, Reviews, and More, and the reviewer, Lisa, had some wonderful things to say about both books in her 5 Kisses reviews.

About Duet, she started with these words:

“Eden Winters has done it again, composing an epic tale of a romance that defies death, bridges centuries, and transports the reader on a journey that both embodies and defines true love.”

Done it again is right — Eden shows us exactly the depth of  connection between gruff Highlander Aillil Callaghan and the Sassenach Malcolm Byerly, and how a small thing like death can’t erase it.  Readers of this blog know I love Eden’s work, precisely because she can show us love beyond death without ever using the words.

And about The Wish, she said, in part:

“The Wish is a wonderfully romantic tale. The story should appeal to those who find joy in a genuinely sweeping romance. It is a character driven piece which excels at allowing each man to develop individually while their relationship with one another slowly and believably builds. It is a story that is told with reverence and the certainty of true love, and I count myself fortunate to have experienced it.”

And I can’t say it better.

Find the books here at Torquere.

Jeff and Michele also interviewed Eden, so find out what she’s up to, why, and what’s next here.

This review site also has ratings on the covers, and they awarded The Wish’s cover a 4, which pleases me no end, because it’s based very heavily on art originally conceived by my favorite cover artist, Jared Rackler, who has also gotten some raves on his cover for Eden’s recently released Night Watch.

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