Some Notice for Someplace In This World

Jenre at Jessewave’s read the Someplace anthology, and enjoyed the variety of stories, calling them all “well-written and worth reading.”  Her entire review is a href=”″ target=”_blank”>here. 8/26/11 Jessewave got hacked so links will be disabled until they are healed.

A little quote:

Unlike many anthologies on the same theme, I didn’t get bored reading this one because each story was so different to the others.  If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of stories with a similar theme, all of which are interesting and well written then I recommend that you pick up this anthology. You won’t be disappointed.

And it didn’t hurt my feelings one bit that she singled out my story, Return to the Mountain, and Eden Winters’ story, The Prodigal, for some special notice.

So, follow Jenre’s good advice — start with clicking here.

2 responses to “Some Notice for Someplace In This World

  1. Woot! I have this on my ereader… but first I have to make it through the Charity Sips. 😀

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