Back With Good News!

Sorry, it’s been a rugged couple of weeks, but I”m back with some good news, Goodness, where to even start?

Whoot the first — I got the acceptance letter on a new story! That feeling just doesn’t grow old. Storm on the Mountain creates a substantial change in Mark and Allan’s relationship. We left them at the end of Snow with Allan giving Mark  some firm instructions to get his head out of his butt if he wanted ‘ever after.’ That needed some follow-up, didn’t it? Expect Storm sometime in early winter — details as they become available.

Whoot the second — the stories that came out in September have been getting some good notice, and I need to share that properly.

Rainbow Reviews on Somewhere In This World
: Carole gave the anthology 4 and 1/2 stars and said this.

I recommend reading this book. You’ll need a box of tissues at hand because some of the stories will make you cry. But you will end up feeling like there is, for everyone, someplace to call home. The journey is different for everyone, but someplace is there.

The Charity Sips have been getting a lot of favorable reviews as a group, and On Call: Crossroads is getting a goodly share of the attention.

Dark Diva K.B. gave it 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read. 😀

On Call: Crossroads by PD Singer is an exceptional depiction of the unwavering faith a couple deeply in love have for one another. The love and commitment Dante and Keith have for each other will touch your heart as deeply as it did mine.

Jenre,a href=”″ target=”_blank”> posting on Jessewave’s, said this in part:

On Call: Crossroads is full of the great writing and characterisation I’ve come to love in P.D. Singer’s books and is an absolute must for fans of Keith and Dante. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, readers will get most emotional benefit from the story if you’ve read the previous two sips.

She gave it 4.5 stars.

Tam doesn’t rate, but she certainly reads. This is part of what she had to say:

This was very touching and as I said, I’m sure when the author wrote this she couldn’t have known that these last few weeks would have the issue so in the news and in everyone’s consciousness. Very touching.

I’ll take two “very touchings” any day!

And one sort of whoot, which will become a capitalized whoot in the near future — I have one more major scene to complete in The Rare Event first draft. This book is my most ambitious to date, and it’s taken since the first of the year to get this far.

8/26/11 Jessewave got hacked so links will be disabled until they are healed.

2 responses to “Back With Good News!

  1. Congrats on the good news and great reviews!

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