McKoala Approves!

For October, I have been a busy writer and have earned my eucalypt of approval from McKoala.  In September, I had but 8 points and almost had approval — that raised eyebrow does spur one to greater efforts.

8 points — 19,000 words of writing on the WIP

1 point — a McKoala short short

1 point — a story submission

10 points causes marsupials to smile upon me!

3 responses to “McKoala Approves!

  1. Yay! Good stuff. 🙂 I did a lot more than I thought I did, once I added it all up. Hopefully this month I’ll get like forty points just on writing. [grin]


    • Heh heh- if you plotted/outlined the entire 50k words (yeah right) and then wrote them, that’s good for 36, which should merit a “Koala worships at your feet” badge. *bites nails* Then there’s a story which will need edits in November, that’s another…

      • I’ve also been doing more mucking around (editing) with the final chapters of that other project I was working on up through 1 November — that’ll be another… (does a wordcount) just short of 18K words of editing by the time I’m done, which is another three Koala points. And actually I’ll probably be adding a bit more to the last chapter, so I’ll probably make four more points right there.

        But yes, there should be a specially Koala Gives You All Of The Things badge for finishing NaNo, heh. 😀

        Oh, and yeah, I’ll be doing edits on “Hell Is in the Details” soon too, and that’s anoterh 8500 words, so 40+ Koala points. IF I can finish NaNo. [crosses fingers]

        Why can’t I do this every month? 😛

        (Of course, I’m assuming I can do it this month. [cough])


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