Elisa Rolle takes a look at Snow

There’s something especially wonderful about getting a review on a story that isn’t in its first weeks of release. When it’s just settling into one’s backlist and others are starting to say, so what have you written lately — then someone takes official notice and says Hey! I like this one!

Elisa Rolle, that gracious and well-read Italian reviewer, gave me such a joyful moment by reviewing Snow on the Mountain. Here’s a small part of what she had to say:

Like for the previous book in the series, Fire on the Mountain, the description of a lifestyle that is completely different from mine is so vivid that I was really into it and had almost the feeling to be an expert at the end of the novel. And it’s strange since the men are the same, the experience is completely different.

The entire review is here, and you can find Snow at Torquere, All Romance Ebooks, Fictionwise, and Amazon.

2 responses to “Elisa Rolle takes a look at Snow

  1. What an amazing review for an equally amazing book! Congrats!

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