Storm on the Mountain coming soon

I just shipped off edits and other documents for a new Mountain story! Storm on the Mountain should be out Saturday, November 27, which seems really fitting — we’ve had snow the last three days. It isn’t a great big jump in my mind’s eye from enough snow to make driving the kids to school seem rational to enough snow blowing sideways at Wapiti Creek to shut down the lifts.

Storm is a Mark and Allan Sip — they had quite a lot of unfinished business when we saw them last, although Allan has forgiven Mark for that cross-country thing.

Other Mark and Allan stories in the Mountain series are the novel Fall Down the Mountain and the short story Cross the Mountain. They also have roles in Gary’s story, Return to the Mountain, in the Somewhere in this World anthology.

5 responses to “Storm on the Mountain coming soon

  1. Hey, I’ve got a story coming out that day too! [leans on you]


  2. I can’t wait! More Mark and Allan! And that’s a nice long weekend for me, so curling up with a great story will be perfect.

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