Storm on the Mountain out today!

The new Mark and Allan story comes out today! They got together in the novel Fall Down the Mountain, had a skiing adventure in Cross the Mountain, and are back to take things to the next level in Storm.  Look for that familiar pink drink cover on the Torquere site — this story is Sip length, about 6600 words. I just loved the photograph, which illustrates the first scene of Storm perfectly, so I gave the story a second face.

The Blurb:

When driving snow and high winds force the Wapiti Creek Ski Resort to shut down the lifts, ski patrol Mark wants nothing more than to round up the last stragglers and get safely indoors. Chef Allan is still out in the blizzard on a borrowed snowmobile, delivering meals so a hundred people don’t go hungry. While Mark’s protective instincts scream to drag his lover inside, he has to respect Allan’s need to honor commitments, even at the risk of frostbite.

Allan’s got another problem, bigger than the storm. Mark has the solution — but Allan will never accept it if they don’t reach the decision together.

Buy here!

2 responses to “Storm on the Mountain out today!

  1. Love that cover shown above! Running to get my copy now!

  2. Congrats!! As soon as I finish this accursed assigned reading… 🙂

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