Some love for On Call: Crossroads

Finding out you have a review is an author’s roller coaster — Wonderful to get the attention for your story, but *bites fingernails* what will it say? On Call: Crossroads has picked up two reviews recently, and fortunately for my manicure, both are good.

Literary Nymphs, in the person of Rose Nymph, had this to say, in part:

Tough subjects are dealt with sensitively and the sweet, honest couple of men at the core of the story trying to make sense of their relationship and the world provided a satisfying read.

The rest is here, with a 4 Nymph rating. *big grin*

Cryselle’s Craziness, a new and relatively unknown site, also has a review for Crossroads.

This story stands alone just fine, even if it does have two others in the series. Keith’s and Dante’s work and private lives mix in such a way that I would hope doesn’t happen all the time, but does make a good story. They tend to the bittersweet, someone’s always getting hurt, and this time, killed, which sends Keith just a bit over the edge, and Dante has to reel him back with a reality check.

The rest is here, with a 4 1/2 Marble review. *also big grin*

Crys had a complicated time reviewing this story because she and I have a RL relationship, but her other reviews should get some notice, because she has thoughtful things to say. She just did a review of Lee Benoit’s Smoke:Askari that I hope the author sees, because it would blow me away to have anybody think that deeply about my work.

The proceeds from this story and the others in the Healing Hearts collection benefit Doctors Without Borders. Find them here.

2 responses to “Some love for On Call: Crossroads

  1. Congrats on the good reviews! 🙂

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