Free read — Mistletoe

“Get off the computer already, Jake, and come to bed.” Kurt had been waiting far too long for his lover to close the browser. He was getting cold.

“I’m just trying to find out the basis for all this “kissing under the mistletoe” business.” Jake could have found this out earlier, Kurt thought, if he’d just looked in the right places, but still those busy fingers typed on.

“Roots that go back to the Greek Saturnalia, not described. The Vikings would call a day’s truce if they met an enemy beneath mistletoe, and the same legend about Frigga, Loki, and Baldur, told about seventeen different times,” Jake grumped. “Not sure how much is accurate.”  He typed some more. “Pliny’s story about the Druids and the white bulls. Everyone’s quoting the same base material, it looks like.”

Kurt tapped his foot. “You could do some original research.”

“How? Oh, and you’re supposed to take a berry off every time you kiss, and when all the mistletoe berries are gone you can’t steal kisses any more.” Finally, Jake turned around. And stared. And understood how to do the research.

Kurt tilted his Santa hat to a more rakish angle. That and the belt were all he was wearing, with something green and white on the buckle. “Good thing I chose a sprig with a lot of berries.”


My holiday short story featuring Kurt and Jake from Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain is on sale this week, lucky readers. Just in time for some eggnog-fueled reading.

Mistletoe on the Mountain

This is Jake’s first Christmas away from his family, but it’s also his first Christmas with Kurt. Jake’s shoestring budget doesn’t matter, because what Kurt wants most can’t be gift wrapped. He’d like to stand openly with Jake as partners before the world, but Jake hasn’t come that far out of the closet. Wapiti Creek is hung everywhere with mistletoe, taunting them both with opportunities not taken.

Jake is making a traditional Landon family dish for a Christmas pot-luck dinner with friends, but he’s short a key ingredient. Kurt manages to supply the missing ingredient for Jake’s recipe — can Jake supply the missing ingredient for Kurt’s happiness?

Find it here.

One response to “Free read — Mistletoe

  1. I just love short, sweet Christmas stories.

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