A New Short Story at the Bookshelf

It’s March, and one particularly excellent kind of madness is is happening at the GLBT Bookshelf. It’s time for the Rummage Sale, and what that means for you is the opportunity to get some new reading material, some of which is available nowhere else in the universe.

The Bookshelf could be considered the biggest, bestest showcase for GLBT literature of every description, from memoir to mystery, from technothriller to contemporary. If you’ve ever been frustrated in finding the books you want, you haven’t been searching here. The Bookshelf isn’t a store so much as a showcase, but once a year this wonderful resource puts on a sale to support operating costs.

What’s in it for you, the reader? Aside from authors putting out information on their work in easily searchable style, it’s a chance to get some kick-ass reading material. This year, authors such as Mel Keegan, Lee Benoit, Eden Winters, and *cough* PD Singer *cough* have stories available one at a time or in bundles with lovely discounts.

I actually show up twice on the table — my story Return to the Mountain comes with eight other tales of finding home in Someplace in this World, edited by Lee Benoit. You can enjoy stories by Lee, Eden Winters, Syd McGinley, and others, all in one gorgeous file.

And, in a volume available exclusively at the Bookshelf, my steamy short, Tool for Change, can be had for slightly less money and far fewer calories than a Big Mac, and it will leave you more satisfied, if thinking harder. Hot? Yes. Romance? You tell me. Only at the Bookshelf.

4 responses to “A New Short Story at the Bookshelf

  1. I need to pick up that short!

    And belated happy birthday to you. 🙂

    • Thank you for the good wishes, and hope you enjoy the short — it’s a little different than my usual.

  2. I enjoyed it. Different from your usual, you say? I’ll find out soon because I just bought one of the “Mountain” novels.

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