Storm is a Recommended Read!

Whoot! Who has looked at the latest Wildfire Newsletter from All Romance eBooks? Scroll down to the bottom for some wonderful news!

Angela Benedetti’s delightful short “Hell Is In the Details” has been chosen as the m/m Pick of the Month! I love Angela’s work — she has this dry wit and a lovely turn of phrase, not to mention, turn of plot. You’ll love it as much as I did.

And scroll down a bit farther to see that Storm On the Mountain has also been chosen as a Recommended Read! Saving a link to a newsletter is a bit of a challenge, but it’s also on the ARe Cafe site.

Part of what’s posted:

One of the strengths of the series is the vividness and authenticity with which it fills in the setting of small-town Colorado with its breathtakingly beautiful wilderness. It also conveys the unique culture of the locals, which encompasses an independence and eccentricity born of the pioneering spirit, but also a distrust of outsiders. Best of all, it features characters working in real jobs that are fascinatingly detailed and yet woven seamlessly into the action. If you ever wondered what firefighters, park rangers, and ski instructors actually do in their outdoor workplace, you’ll find it here and learn a lot while you enjoy the story.

And Val has a more complete review of Storm on Obsidian Bookshelf. She says in part:

This story, in particular, gives us a breathtakingly description of the Colorado blizzard in all its potentially lethal glory. It also shows us two regular guys trying to negotiate their new relationship through some unrelenting sexual and emotional tension. Allan in particular is a vivid character with his chubby build (almost unheard of at a ski resort) and his Hungarian heritage, but Mark is memorable as well with his deep caring for Allan, which he shows in every gesture.

While the Mountain stories are a loosely connected series, the stories do stand alone, and starting with Storm works fine, though you might just want to know more about the boys.

6 responses to “Storm is a Recommended Read!

  1. That is fantastic news…Wohoooooo

  2. So… when’s the next Mountain story coming out? 😀

  3. [dances with you]


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