Shout-out to my Betas

I’ve been working on a longish short story, using a plot bunny that bit my ankle while I was reading something about chefs. I like chefs; in fact, I adore anyone who will cook for me, and there’s no reason not to use research already done, right?

So, Jude Marshall and Howard Bell hit the page, and a query letter hit a different page, when I realized, I really have to have Howard vetted by someone who knows what a native Londoner sounds like.

What a good move that was. My main beta, Eden, had already helped me find stray verbs and bad blocking, and swatted me for a couple of excesses. We really didn’t know what to do about Howard. So, I asked JL Merrow, who definitely knows how an Englishman should sound, if she’d take a look. I am SO glad I did.

Multiple emails later, Howard is now Tommy. Howard was bland. Tommy is fun. Howard kind of blended in with the woodwork; Tommy might wipe sauce on your nose for a joke.

And Jude? He might be in love.

I’ll keep you posted.

4 responses to “Shout-out to my Betas

  1. Betas are always amazing…..

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