Goodies for GayRomLit

The October trip for GayRomLit needs more prep work than just finding airfares and hotel rooms. High on the to-do list is creating goodies for giving away, both at the conference and elsewhere.

Trading cards — there will be games and prizes associated with collecting them. One side will be novel covers, the other sides are character info, although “batting average” here could mean something very different than on a baseball card. I have pictures that personify Kurt and Jake to me. Mark, too. Allan’s a bit of a challenge: so far, the only one I’ve found who looks like the Allan in my mind’s eye is a famous person. Back to the picture sites!

That will be fun, but I’d like to have something unique and useful to keep me green in readers’ memories. The trick is to not break the bank doing it. If money were no object (hey, I can dream) it would be easy. Someone’s already doing mousepads, and there is a limit to how many bookmarks a reader of ebooks really needs. All my really good ideas get frightening when scaled up to 300-500 units.

So, charming readers, help me out here. Aside from pens, what could I give you that would bring a smile or a kind thought three days later, instead of a muffled grumble that I’ve just cluttered up your desk? I solemnly promise not to use a logo that will embarrass you if your SO picks it up. A lip balm? A screen cleaner? Mugs would become a transport issue. Forget all that and write a story exclusively for the attendees?

6 responses to “Goodies for GayRomLit

  1. USB drives? I use those way more than I use mouse pads.

    • I looked at those — maybe Stephen King could swing 300 of them at anything bigger than 128kb. But thanks.

      • None of the sites at peeked at actually provided prices, so… Darn it!

        Pens or post-its actually get used, but also get used up. Love me some fridge magnets, I do – and they don’t get used up.

      • I’d love to do totebags, but that gets a bit spendy. The thumb drives I found were like $7 each.

  2. I think there will always be someone who likes pens, stickers, and the regular stuff. It is hard to find a good deal on promo items when you don’t have a huge budget.

    • Isn’t that the truth. If I find someone good I’ll tell everyone. Vista print and a friend had a bad experience. darn it.

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