Lady Jane Salon with Marie Sexton

It was a bit of a late scramble, but I managed to get to the July meeting of the Lady Jane Salon, which is a lovely bunch of romance readers in the Denver area.This was my first meeting, but these ladies are so charming that I will be back for sure. What could be better than talking about romance with like-minded readers and a glass of wine in one’s hand?

Once I found a parking spot (curse you, downtown Denver) I met up with the group at the Wine Loft. Unfortunately, the search put paid to having dinner with Marie, but we made up for it. 😀 We chatted, and I met many fellow fans/readers. The line-up was pretty impressive — Lia Slater read from her book Were Slave, which was, I must say, pretty durn hot. She’s charming as well as talented, and I shall think of her every time I use the custom beaded book thong she provided for us.

A little break, and then our hostess Ashley read from Tiffany Reisz’ soon to be released Siren. Whoah, hot. The adventures of naughty wench Nora certainly made an impression on our waiter, who came in with full platters just in time to hear the raciest bits. He left with his hands over his ears and our laughter echoing. Poor dear — they must have sent the newby, because this is the group’s regular meeting spot. Tiffany had to tweet her answers to our questions; social media at its most useful.

Then — the event that drew me — Marie Sexton read from her new release, Between Sinners and Saints. This section was full of character development, which contrasted well with the hawts earlier — she makes her characters work for their sex, and she showed us how. For all Marie said earlier that she was terribly nervous, she didn’t show it; she read like a trouper and really made the story come alive for us. You could see the drooling all around the room.

A truly great group — no one boggled at the gay romance. In fact, they applauded m/m as a genre, so I immediately fell in love with the whole bunch. I had a chance to chat with several of them and had the novel experience of watching someone buy one of my books. Thank you, Michelle; you will be forever special. I sincerely hope you enjoy Kurt and Jake’s adventures.

I also now have a bad case of Kindle need. It was just that easy to load up and the screen quality was good enough to read in the dim light. The picture of me and Marie is accurate about the lighting — how she saw the page to read is a tribute to determination.

I now have my very own paper version of Between Sinners and Saints, autographed, of course!

Marie did not give me bunny ears for this picture, but we giggled about it.

4 responses to “Lady Jane Salon with Marie Sexton

  1. It was so great to finally meet you! Thank you so much for coming!

  2. Oh, man! I would love to have gone. Sadly, we don’t have anything like that around here.

    • I didn’t know about it until Marie gave me the heads up on it just recently, and this is a big metro area, so don’t give up hope on finding something. This group reads both het and m/m so keep an eye open for both.

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