“It Gets Better” Story

Waiting to hear if we made our goal of 25 stories for the Torquere Charity Sip Blitz this year. I sent one in, and of course, it’s always a nail-biting time until that letter comes back. The story is sound, my big doubt is that it fits the theme well enough. Things certainly do get better for Brent, but not before they get much, much worse. *snicker* I enjoy tormenting  my boys.

What? Don’t you like a character who earns his HEA?

6 responses to ““It Gets Better” Story

  1. Oh, yeah. Make ’em work for it. A long hard battle makes the victory sweeter.

  2. As long as they get their HEA…

  3. It’s poitnless if they don’t work for it. I mean, okay, I’ve enjoyed my share of happy little bits of fluff, usually as addenda to larger stories where they did work for their happy ending. But if there’s no struggle somewhere, what’s the point?


  4. Oh yes, there has to be a struggle, it’s just sometimes I like to really get out the torture devices, and not anything that belongs in a BDSM story, either. This one could be subititled “The Case of the Missing Spine”.

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