Who slipped the plot bunny crack?

I was minding my own business, poking around Cryselle’s Bookshelf, checking out the Thousand Word Thursday pictures. Crys posts one every week, encouraging authors to write a little ficlet for it. I’ve been a little on the stagnant side, so I thought a prompt fic would shake me out of the doldrums. There certainly has to be a story here:

Gefuhl Der Abhangigkeit
Gefuhl Der Abhangigkeit

Well, yes, by golly, there was. Carole Cummings, author of the excellent Aisling series, had written a story for this picture, but she’d left it with a cloudy conclusion. Inviting anyone who felt inspired to take a whack at what happens next, Carole’s been waiting a while.

About 1200 words later, I have the next section, from, erm, the monster’s POV. Carole and I are emailing back and forth like a couple of giddy kids, trying to decide where this should come to roost. As the second half of her story, or as a slightly longer stand-alone? We went for sequel.

Now, work this short is a niche market or a freebie, so where it’s going to end up, I’m not sure, but it’s in someone’s hands right now who might have a cozy spot for it. This is the fastest I’ve ever got something ready — less than 24 hours from first thought to out the door.

The monster? He’s so confused; just look at that face.

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