Pro Bike Racing in Colorado Starts Today

The Tour de France is the only TV entertainment in our house for three weeks of every year, as I believed I may have mentioned, so you may imagine the exultation from the Marital Unit over the US Pro Cycling Challenge. We haven’t had pro bike racing in Colorado for some twenty-five years, and this week, some of the biggest names currently racing are dashing uphill and down dale practically in our back yard.

Okay, so Colorado Springs isn’t exactly close, but it doesn’t require a passport or a plane ticket, so you can bet the MU was all over it. I came back from a dental appointment to a note on the counter: “Gone to shoot race. Back after dinner.”

Hmmm. Normally he’s at work of a Monday afternoon, but he and about 20 lb of camera equipment are missing, so I checked the schedule. He worked on our anniversary, but today and several more days are marked ‘Vacation.’ Okay, the anniversary date was also marked ‘Vacation’ but he’d gotten an emergency call, so in he went. Not likely he’ll come back from the Springs for any reason short of the race being over. It’s a 5.5 mile time trial, so the racers are racing the clock more than each other.

I am currently being treated to an amalgamation of Phil Liggett marvelling at the altitude on TV and pictures on MU’s computer as he clicks through the 400 odd shots he took.He had a spot close to the start line at the Garden of the Gods, and snapped madly as names mentioned with yellow jerseys took off down the start ramp. I have every expectation of seeing the back of his head on TV here shortly.

His favorites, Andy and Frank Schlect, didn’t cover themselves with glory, but the race has another 494 miles to run before it ends up in downtown Denver on Sunday. Three guesses where we’ll all be that day?

Cadel Evans at start of time trial, as photographed by the MU

3 responses to “Pro Bike Racing in Colorado Starts Today

  1. I’d really love read some cycling-themed m/m romance…. *looks simultaneously innocent and expectant*

    • The muse has heard and taken up the challenge, Missy. I have a fresh notebook with pages of terminology and possible plot points. This isn’t the cycling story that’s been simmering every June for 3 years, this is something fresh and different. And dear sweet Buddha, it needs a better working title than “Tour de Pants.”

      • LOL! It really does… but woot! 🙂 The only m/m cycling story I’ve read (that I remember, at least) was something recentish from DSP that was about two guys who met doing a charity ride.

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