It Gets Better: Reviewing “Four Years On” by Nicole Wilkinson

Taking part in the Torquere Charity Sips means I also get to tell you about another excellent story in the collection. Nicole Wilkinson has given us “Four Years On” to show one way that life gets better.

Jason’s awakened with butterflies in his stomach – he’s on the cusp of some big changes, and as the story unfolds, we can see how far he’s come, and how much he’s had to leave behind in order to be true to himself. He’s done very, very well so far; he’s giving a speech at his commencement so he’s learned a lot academically. It’s the life lessons that are coming at him fast now.

Jason’s fortunate to have a loving and supportive boyfriend in Kale, because the rest of his important relationships have suffered for his orientation. Some were casualties of Jason’s decisions, others crashed and burned for reasons he couldn’t control. Now, when he’s already apprehensive about being the center of attention, he encounters several of the most important people in his life.

The beautiful message here is that time and communication can mend the broken bits into new shapes, that people change, and that forgiveness and understanding are not forever out of reach. When Jason quotes, “Reach for the moon. If you miss, at least you’ll land in the stars,” we know that this young man is destined to reach the skies.

Buy it here.

Nicole Wilkinson is twenty-four, happily single, and living it up in Charlotte with her mother who needs a bit of a helping hand. Born in Washington State, she was transplanted to the East Coast just before the awful teenage years and often remarks that it was like moving to a different country. She’s only been writing seriously for three years, but reading and writing have always been a passion. Nicole’s first story was written in the fourth grade and was a lively, if not strange, tale about a girl who was being inexplicably chased by spiders. Thankfully, since then, she has moved on to more interesting fare. Starting first with fan fiction that gave her a good basis in story construction, detailing, and editing, she soon shifted into works of her own. After taking a timeout to gain a degree in Environmental Resources – which has absolutely nothing to do with fictional writing whatsoever – she’s now back on track and determined to bring her stories to life.

Find Nicole here.

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